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Hallmarks of a Good Napa Valley Wedding Planner

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There are no two ways about it, planning a wedding can get on your nerves. There’s just so many things that can go wrong. You have to make sure you invite the right people and handle them properly. You also have to ensure that all service providers show up on time and do what’s expected of them. It’s like being an air-traffic controller of your own wedding.

It’s no surprise that a lot of couples opt to hire a professional to do all the worrying for them. That’s what a wedding planner is for. They take on all the foreseeable and unforeseeable headaches of a typical wedding, so you don’t have to.

If you’re looking to get married in the beautiful Napa Valley, and you’re stumped as to how to find the right wedding planner, here are the ten signs of an excellent Napa Valley wedding planner. Now don’t expect one person or company to be perfect. Even so, if you’re going to be deciding between two candidates, go for the one that has more of these qualities.

Long track recordIMG_2335

It’s important for a wedding planner to have a track record of success. Anybody could have a track record, but if their record is mediocre and a failure, then you shouldn’t do business with them. They need to have a long track record of successful wedding events.

Glowing referrals

Not only should you get testimonials or references from service providers; you should follow up on these. You should call these people and ask them about their experience. Try to read between the lines, you can easily tell between somebody who’s just going through the motions because they feel obligated, and somebody who actually had a stellar experience. Be on the lookout for the difference and go with the wedding planner who has more glowing referrals.

Superb project management skills

By looking at the past weddings this planner has handled, you can see the kind of problems they had to overcome. The more problems solved, the more you should be impressed. This is a clear indication that this planner has excellent project management skills.

Pre-existing relationships with vendors and service providers

Napa Valley has its own, narrow range of top notch vendors and service providers. Unfortunately, a lot of them are quite unknown to people who are not from the area. Even if you are from Napa Valley yourself, you may not have heard of these excellent services and companies. A great wedding planner knows who these vendors are and has a track record with them.

Excellent local reputation

A top-notch Napa Valley wedding planner is known in the area. This planner has a reputation for getting things done right and exhibits a high level of professionalism. Reputation means a lot. Feel free to ask around other businesses that deal primarily with wedding planners. You’d be surprised as to what you can discover about the reputation of your candidates.

Program-based planningnapawinery-29

This quality is actually easy to determine. When you make initial contact with them, they will come prepared. They will have a checklist, professionally printed materials, and the whole nine yards. This is not a hobby to them. They have specially created marketing materials, as well as background information.

They’re not just doing this to impress you; this is how they operate. If you see that this planner has a very systematic approach in presenting their company information to prospective clients, you can bet that they’ll be as meticulous with the details of your wedding.

Imaginative approach

Even if you come across a Napa wedding planner who’s highly organized and has a solid reputation, if this planner’s events are all too predictable and boring, you might want to think twice. You’re only planning to get married once in your life, make sure that your wedding is memorable. If your planner isn’t that creative, you would end up with a generic wedding event. You want something that would really show your personality and the vision both, you and your fiancé, have. Make sure this is reflected in your choice of a wedding planner.

Quality control-driven checklist

High quality wedding planners set up systems in a way that it’s going to be hard for you to have a lousy experience. They have a system and do things a certain way to ensure maximum quality. If you don’t get this sense from the service provider you’re considering, drop that planner and find somebody else. At the very least, you should ask your prospective service provider if there is some sort of process or list of processes, he or she follows. Keep in mind that they might have their own unique name for such a system. Still, regardless of label, if you get the impression that they do have a quality control driven checklist, you’re dealing with a processional.

Calm and assuring demeanorhealdsburgwedding-755

You don’t want a wedding consultant to boss you around. You are stressed enough as it is. You want someone who can get the job done while projecting a calm and reassuring demeanor. Please keep in mind that if your wedding planner is bossy, difficult, or overbearing with you, what kind of impression do you think he or she would make on vendors, event employees, guests, and other contractors? Make sure you pick someone who has the right kind of attitude. That person’s attitude sets the overall atmosphere of your wedding.

Obsessed with creating a quality experience

This is extremely important. You need somebody who feels the emotional electricity of your event. You want someone who values the success of your wedding event at the same level as you. You are looking to create an experience that will be memorable to everyone who would attend your wedding at this special place. If you can’t see that this person truly cares about your Napa Valley experience with your wedding guests, then you really have no business giving this planner your account.

Keep the factors above in mind. Otherwise, you’re going to be rolling the dice with your wedding. And chances are quite good you’ll be rolling snake eyes. Don’t risk that disaster by being more meticulous and systematic in your choice of Napa Valley wedding planner. We hope you choose us.