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Elope in Napa Valley

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Do you want to do away with large crowds on your wedding day, and want to get married in a strictly private ceremony just with your spouse and possibly a few friends in tow? Do you both want to elope to the most romantic getaway in the world and get hitched amidst natural extravaganza? Napa Valley, with its wineries, cottages, lakes and villas, makes for a great elopement destination. It is not without reason that Napa Valley is becoming highly popular among romantic couples these days. We offer great packages for private vineyard weddings, villa weddings, mystical & rustic weddings and much more. You can check with one of our expert Napa Valley wedding planners about these packages and proceed to book the one that suits you the most. Read on to find out more about these:

Private Vineyard Packages

How about having an entire vineyard to yourself for your wedding? Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? This is exactly what you get when you choose a private vineyard package. Eloping to Napa Valley comes with its benefits. This package is limited to the couple and a few guests only! How much more private can it get? Are you that intense kind of person who is head over heels in love with your betrothed so much? Whisk him or her away to Napa Valley and book a private vineyard for yourself to get hitched! You will receive personalized attention from the staff and will be treated like royalty.

Vineyard Cottage Packages

How about getting married in a vineyard and spending your honeymoon at one of the romantic cottages in the midst of this vineyard? Too cozy to resist, isn’t it? In this type of package, you will be provided with one or two cottages for the small number of guests that you plan to invite. If it is just the two of you, you can book the cottage for yourself and enjoy the unspoilt beauty of vineyard in the most romantic way possible. The cottage is fully-equipped with world-class features, and you are free to cook your own dishes here if you get tired of dining out on world-class cuisine. These packages provide ultimate privacy and are greatly preferred by people who want to spend a relaxed honeymoon with their loved ones.

Winery  Packages

If you don’t visit the wineries, one of the romantic destinations in Napa Valley, your elopement experience is incomplete. Many couples choose to get married in these magnificent places. With world-class interiors and gorgeous vistas, wineries are the ideal getaway for couples who guard their privacy fiercely. Enjoy the pampering and wine-tasting tours to make your D-Day the most memorable day in your lives.

These are just some of the exotic packages for people who wish to use a wedding planner to elope to Napa Valley to tie the knot.

A Few points to note

If you are a hard-core romantic who is planning to whisk away your lady love to Napa Valley for an exotic wedding, here are some points that you should take note of:

  1. Your wedding license will be good for a period of 90 days after getting the license, to officially say your vows anywhere in California or hopefully in Napa Valley.
  2. As per the current laws in Napa Valley, only one witness is required for your marriage ceremony. It could even be any random person that you meet at the vineyard!
  3. Eloping requires a lot of planning and booking to be done discreetly. Ensure that you get in touch with a professional Napa Valley wedding planner to help your wedding happen smoothly.

With more and more couples wanting to have a romantic and private wedding these days, Napa Valley is becoming a busier place than it used to be. However, the charisma and charm of the place remains unspoilt!