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Wineries are becoming one of the most preferred wedding venues today because of the romantic ambience they exude. The lush and green farmlands, pollution-free air, excellent wine, serene bliss and the unspoilt beauty of the rural vineyards make them an ideal wedding venue.  If you nurture the dream of getting married in a winery, you should really contact Run Away With Me because it’s a lot harder than you might think. However, if you insist on doing it yourself, here are a few tips for you to consider:

  • Wedding package


You need to talk with each winery and understand the details that are included and excluded in the wedding package being offered to you. This way, you can prepare yourself to arrange for your things during your wedding. Kitchen, transportation, lighting, electricity, etc. are few important things that you need to check with your wineries about. Many wineries have limited facilities, or limited permits.

  • Sound and lighting


Wineries are located in rural areas, mostly, and there are restrictions on sounds and lighting in these areas. Most of the rural laws do not permit loud noises after 10 PM. Therefore, you need to check with your wineries about the existing rules about sound and lighting, so that you don’t have to face any embarrassments brought on by your DJ.

  • Harvesting season


This should be one of your first checks when you dream of a winery weddings. There is a different harvesting season for different varieties of grapes. Therefore, you should be aware of these timelines, before you fix a date for your wedding. While some grape varietals are harvested during late summers, red grapes are harvested during September or October. Remember that a winery is a working farm, which means there are days and weeks where your wedding backdrop might include unwanted tractors.

  • Prohibiting public entry


Most of the vineyards are open to the public and great picnic spots as well. Naturally, you should expect a steady flow of external visitors even during your wedding day. If you feel that this would disturb your privacy, you should check with the wineries about their operating hours and negotiate the timing for your wedding so that people wouldn’t just walk in to witness your wedding. Every winery is different, but you can either plan your wedding during the non-operational hours of the vineyard or request the establishment to close its gates for public for a day to accommodate your guests. This way, you can ensure that you enjoy your wedding in the close circle of your family and friends only.

  • License for alcohol


If you think that your vineyard would naturally have a license to serve liquor based drinks because it had the license to serve wine, you would be mistaken. Liquor and wine require two different licenses. Therefore, check if the winery of your choice has the license to serve alcoholic drinks as well if that is important to you. You should perform this check even before you decide your wedding date, because if the winery doesn’t have a valid license to serve liquor at its venue, you may want to choose a different venue. If the winery does have a proper license to serve liquor, check for the terms of the license, so that you are not caught unawares on your D-Day.

Look, planning a winery wedding is a lot of work, and some wineries make it harder than others. Strangely, the site fee often has very little bearing on how nice a wedding venue it is. Many of the best spots are actually at smaller wineries that you might never find on your own. Let Run Away With Me be your Napa Valley wedding planner, and do all that work for you, generally for cheaper than you could have done it yourself. Our winery packages are absolutely seamless, because we are the local experts. We know all the best spots, what each has to offer, and what coordination needs to be done with outside vendors to make it all come together in the perfect wedding.