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Turn-Key Napa Valley Elopements and Weddings

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful, stress-free wedding? What if you could simply show up for the big day with almost no prior planning on your part? If this sounds like the ideal wedding day for you and your loved one, Run Away With Me is exactly what you need.

At Run Away With Me, we specialize in planning stunning weddings that are drama-free. We have the experience and connections to make your vision a reality, whatever it may be. Our weddings are completely customizable, yet they’re effortless for our clients.

Complete Napa and Sonoma Elopement Packages

With a typical wedding venue, most of the planning falls on the shoulders of the bride or groom, and each wedding follows the same basic plan because it’s easiest for the venue. Our service offers a much more relaxing, unique experience for your wedding because we do all the work, but you get to choose the wedding of your dreams. We offer:

  • Travel to any destination you choose
  • A simple or elaborate wedding, depending on your preference
  • Flexibility for our clients
  • Creativity that’s unmatched so you get a completely unique wedding experience
  • Organization so you always know the plan and the wedding day goes smoothly
  • Stylish, elegant events that are worthy of the “oohs” and “ahhs” they receive

Stress-free Napa Valley Wedding Planning

Our service is completely stress-free because you only do the fun part! Choose what you want, and we make it happen. The simple process includes just three steps on your part:

  1. Choose your destination
  2. Pick your style
  3. Show up and say “I do!”

We Love Destination Weddings

We believe that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Too many brides feel stressed and uncomfortable with the planning stage of their wedding, and they don’t truly enjoy the experience. Our founder worked as a wedding photographer for more than a decade, seeing these brides and grooms long for a service that would handle every aspect of the wedding planning. Run Away With Me fills that need, making each wedding day fit perfectly with the couple’s wants and wishes.